Laugh With My Big Ass In Your Face

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Aniane Luquezzi calls her maid to go to her room and tells her to lie in bed, and starts tying her up, the poor thing without understanding anything starts to ask what is happening and Luquezzi says that today she wants to laugh a lot and will her with tickles. Moorings finished, Anrriane Luquezzi happily sits in Janinha’s face, only that she is still thinking that she is innocent, that she will only laugh. Halfway through she starts to lose all her strength and Luquezzi shows who is in control.
Several requests to stop tickling in the midst of laughter, shortness of breath, losing strength and feeling her muscles a lot, her mouth no longer holds the pressure of laughter, until she loses all senses, just like that for Luquezzi -over there.

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