1. What Video file formats do you use, and are MF Video XXX video file formats compatible with my computer?

MF Video XXX uses Windows Media video (WMV) for our HD videos and (MP4) for the old versions of videos. These two video file formats are compatible with any PC and Operating system. We recommend installing K-lite Codec Pack on Windows as an effective process for playing back the videos. If you use a PC with a low performance level, you may watch the videos using Windows Media Player.

In each video description, you can also find the respective video information, regarding the video format, quality, length, etc. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help and fix the issue for you.

  1. How can I buy a video?
    *Go to the respective video that you wish to purchase.
    *Click on the button “Buy full movie”.
    *Fill the signup form
    *Next you will transfer to zombaio.com gateway, there you need insert you payment information.
    *Check the email sent to your inbox from our payment system.
    *You will find a Download link in that email (It will expire in 72 hours and you will be able to download the file unlimited times during this interval). or you can go to https://mfvideoxxx.com/amember/member and found your download links.

 If your card gets rejected or the transaction is not authorized, please contact your bank for support.

  1. How do I receive the video that I bought?

 Currently, MF Video XXXonly sells individual videos for Digital DOWNLOADS. You will receive the download link in your email. or can login here: https://mfvideoxxx.com/amember/member

  1. Do I need a username and a password in order to download a video?

Yes, you need login with your information here: https://mfvideoxxx.com/amember/member , you can manage your account, check your billing history, change password and download the videos during 3 days active.

  1. I can’t download the video or the link is broken…
    Please contact us immediately. [email protected]
  1. What are the languages spoken in the videos?

At the moment, the only spoken language in the videos is Portuguese. However, in the future we will create subtitles for all videos and may also produce films in other languages too.